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link Introduction

The TCN Docs feature allows you to create a markdown document that renders as a webpage. You can control access based on the reader's TCN Council position as well as insert some Discord-related components such as user mentions.

To access this feature, go to /docs (you can find this under Staff Area > Documents if you are logged in as a council member).

To create a new document, click "New Document" on the docs home page. You can also edit documents that you have edit access for if you have the edit link (/forms/edit/:ID).

link Content

The first section is the name and the content, and both are required. Write out the document content in markdown (this is the same formatting system Discord uses). Here is a (nearly comprehensive) list of Markdown features:

Markdown Reference expand_more

Here is a list of features specific to TCN Documents:

Documents Features expand_more

link Access

After writing the document content, you can control who has view and edit access to the document.

  • Only you can edit the document's access permissions.
  • Only you and observers can delete the document.
  • Observers always have view access.
  • Allow TCN Council - allow all TCN Council Members view access
  • Allow Logged In Users - allow any user, but they must be logged in to view the document
  • Allow Observers to Edit - observers will also be able to edit the document but not access permissions
  • Allow TCN Council to Edit - allow all TCN Council Members to edit the document but not access permissions
  • Make Public - allow everyone to view the document, even if they are not logged in
  • Allowlist - you can allow specific users by ID

link Appearance

Control the document's appearance here. You can set it to be anonymous to hide your name from the document, but observers will still be able to see who owns the document.

Observers can designate a document as official, which modifies the notice at the top of the document. Usually, it informs the reader that the document is user-generated content and not endorsed by the TCN, but an official document as designated by the observer team. Use this responsibly!

Finally, you can customize how the embed looks when the link is posted into Discord.