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The massban feature on Daedalus is much more comprehensive, and that bot supports better permission controls and more features.

By default, Banhammer can only be used by administrators, but this can be changed. Only administrators can manage the permissions.

  • bh!massban [days] <url> [reason] - massban a list of users
    • days indicates the number of days of messages to purge (0-7, default 0)
    • url must point to a raw text file (e.g. a Pastebin or Gist raw file) listing the IDs
    • reason will be put in the audit logs (optional)
  • bh!allow <role> - allow members with this role to use bh!massban
  • bh!deny <role> - remove this role from the allowlist (but does not block it, so users with another allowed role can still use bh!massban)
  • bh!list - list allowed roles