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Staff Link

To manage your staff in the TCN API, you will need to use the TCN manager bot. You can access it in HQ and the Hub, but you should add it to your server with this link as it enables you to use automatic role sync and also has banshares and future features on it.

To add a staff member manually, use /staff add (and to remove them, /staff remove).

To list a server's staff, use /staff members. Conversely, use /staff list to list a staff's servers.

To automatically sync staff, use /autostaff add to add a staff role, /autostaff remove to remove a staff role, and /autostaff list to list registered staff roles. Users with any of these roles will automatically be considered staff.

Staff will automatically gain the Network Staff role and your server's color role in the TCN Hub, and also gain access to banshares from your server.