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Observation FAQ

The Process

Observation is the period of time during which one of our observers will oversee all operations in the server, requiring view permissions to all channels and the audit logs. Throughout the process, they will also facilitate communication between your server and the network, including passing on concerns about your server but also forwarding questions you may have along the way.

At the end of observation, the observer will create a report evaluating your server's environment and staff organization and performance, which will be shared to you for feedback. Afterwards, a vote will be held to induct your server into the TCN.

At any point, you may choose to cancel observation which means your server will not be inducted into the TCN and you may remove the observer's permissions.

Why does the observer need access to everything?

The observer's duty is to provide the council with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision on whether or not your server is fit for the TCN and vice versa. Being able to evaluate everything that happens in your server is crucial to this process. Audit log access is needed to be able to corroborate actions your staff take.

The purpose of observing and sharing information is strictly to allow the council to assess the quality of your server, and privileged information will not be shared except to serve that purpose. You will be able to review the report before we show anything to the council, and you may withdraw your application if there is information we are unwilling to exclude.

Can I request a different observer?

The short answer is yes.

We will avoid assigning observers that have personal ties, either positive or negative, with you or your staff. However, if you have personal issues with the observer that was assigned, you may reach out to another observer to request someone else to be selected.

If there are no options that we are willing or able to assign to you that you are okay with, we may have to either postpone until the observer committee changes or other observers are available, or we may have to agree to cancel, at least until a later date.

If at any point throughout the process you believe the observer is being problematic, you may wish to report them to another observer and we will discuss how to proceed from there (usually, we can just transfer the observation to someone else without causing you any delays, and we may relieve the observer of their duty if we find it is necessary).

If you believe you are not being fairly represented in the report, you may discuss that with them and propose changes, but they do not have to follow all of your requests and are required to present all necessary information for the council to make an informed decision. If you believe any misinformation was presented or the facts are misconstrued in a way to make your server look bad, you may provide evidence to another observer to have the matter privately discussed.