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link What is a webhook?

A webhook is a resource you can create in a text-like channel (announcement channels, text channels, text-in-voice channels, and forums). It consists of an ID, which is public and identifies the webhook, and a token, which is private and required to use the webhook. The URL contains both.


Keep your webhook URL private. Anyone who has the URL can use it to post messages and there is no way to identify who does it. Webhooks can also ping @everyone, making this espcially problematic.

link How do I create a webhook?

Go to channel settings and click "Integrations". You should see a "Create Webhook" button. Click it to get a new webhook with a default name and blank profile picture. You can change these if you would like and click "Save". When messages are sent, they will appear with this profile picture and name.


You need the Manage Webhooks permission to do this.

link How do I use a webhook?

In the channel settings tab, click on a webhook to expand it, then click "Copy Webhook URL". Keey this URL private.

Now, you can paste it into an embed utility or execute it manually or use it in a Google Form.

(Technically, pasting your webhook URL into third-party utilities/services is a risk, but the services mentioned in this guide are reputable and trustworthy.)

link Advanced Usage

By default, when you exectue a webhook, it will be posted to the channel itself with the webhook's avatar and name. However, you can actually do a bit more with them. Not all of these features are available with all services.

  • You can edit a message that was sent by the same webhook using the message ID.
  • You can post the message to a thread by specifying its ID.
  • For forum channels, if you include a thread name, it will start a new post with that title. Otherwise, you must specify the post ID, as forums cannot have text set to them.
  • You can set the avatar and name for a specific message on post. This will override the defaults just for that message. If a webhook sends two messages in a row with the same username, they will merge together like normal messages.
    • You cannot change the avatar or name when editing a message.

link Services

link Discohook


Discohook has usage instructions in the landing page.

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Careful! Short Discohook share links expire after 1 week. If you need to keep a permanent link, just copy-paste the link from the URL bar and shorten it using something like https://tinyurl.com if needed.

link Embed Generator


Embed Generator has its own help page and FAQ on the left sidebar.

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link Leaf Embeds


Leaf Embeds has no tutorial or information page. Here is an overview of its usage.

  • Instead of JSON, this editor uses Markdown. You are likely already used to some aspects of Markdown like how **this** makes text bold.
  • Write headers using # Header and regular content just as text. They will be formatted across embeds. To force a header to start a new embed, use #! Header. To make a field inline, use #- Header.
  • Add images using ![alt text](url).
  • To set embed color, thumbnail, image, and footer, add the following to the start of your data (each section is optional):
    color: 0x######
    url: URL goes here
    url: URL goes here
    url: URL goes here
    text: footer text goes here
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link Webhooks for Developers

A webhook is just an endpoint that you can send data to to make the webhook perform certain actions.

  • POST / - Provide the message data as the body to post the message through the webhook. Most embed creation services have a JSON Editor which allows you to copy the JSON data of your message.
  • PATCH /messages/[message ID] - Edit a webhook message.
  • DELETE /messages/[message ID] - Delete a webhook message.
  • POST /?thread_id=[thread/post ID] - Send the message into a specified thread/forum post.
  • Specify thread_name in the request body to create a new post in a forum. This is only available for forum channels; webhooks cannot create regular threads.
  • PATCH / - Edit the name and/or avatar of the webhook. YOu cannot edit the channel using this method.
  • DELETE / - Delete the webhook.