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link Requirements

The following things are required for you to set up, so you may want to start with them first.

link Partner List

You must display the list of TCN servers and other TCN partners in a publicly visible channel, clearly separated from your server's individual partners. You can find the most up-to-date version in #partner-list, but you do not have to follow this format.

For a list of full requirements and information on how to use autosync to automatically keep your partner list up-to-date, check out this page.

link Partner Event Channel

You must follow #network-events in a publicly visible channel in your server. You can make this the same channel as where you post other partner events.


The destination channel must be a regular text channel and not an announcement channel itself.

link Optional Features

These features are optional. You can set them up to provide better tools for your staff or a better experience for your members, but if you do not want them, we will not ask you to give a reason for why you are not using them. We may reach out to you and see if you have any feature requests or changes that would make it work better for you, but you are not required to explain anything.

link Banshares

Banshares are our way of sharing information on problematic users so you can eliminate potential threats or annoyances before they happen in your server. You are not required to execute banshares; it is just to provide you with information for you to act as you see fit.

To post banshares, go to https://banshare.teyvatcollective.network.

To learn how to set up banshares and how to use the form, there is more information on this page.

link Global Chat

Global chat is a feature available to all TCN servers that allows people to chat with people from other servers. There is a global channel available to link all of your members as well as two separate channels for your staff. All of these are optional and you may use all, some, or none.

For how to set up global chat, how to operate it, important things to know, and how to moderate across it, there is more information on this page.

You can add your staff to the API (which gives them the role in the TCN Hub and allows them to publish banshares) using /staff add on the TCN bot. To make things easier, you can also link roles to automatically add and remove staff. See this page for how to use this feature.

link Other Bots

We have several other bots either officially or unofficially available for you that you may be interested in. Check out how to use them on this page. Here is a list of them:


These bots are not TCN-exclusive, so feel free to use them in other servers!

  • Genshin Wizard [@hattvr] Official Partner - A Genshin Impact utility bot.
  • Ruin Hunter [@leaf.moe] - A configurable anti-raid bot.
  • Banhammer [@hyperneutrino] - A utility bot for massbanning.
  • Daedalus [@hyperneutrino] - A general-purpose bot.