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Discord Help

link Discord Permissions

If you have absolutely no knowledge of Discord permissions, a good place to start would the official Permissions FAQ support article.


An important thing to know about permissions is that allow overrides always apply over deny overrides, regardless of hierarchy.

For a list of all permissions and what they do, visit this page.

For more information about permissions and some recommendations for good structure, check out this page.

link Webhooks & Embeds

This is a guide on how to use embeds and webhooks in Discord. This guide features Discohook, Embed Generator (discord.club), and Leaf Embeds.

Webhooks are resources you can create in a text channel that can be used to post messages to the channel by any user or application that has the URL.

Embeds are a way to organize information and add styling to your resources.

To view the full guide, visit either the webhooks or embeds page.